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We serve consumers in the Healthcare industry. With the rising need to protect patients Private Health Information, ensuring medical bills are paid, we leverage HIPAA regulatory requirements and framework to ensure these critical business needs are met. Become our partner and technology ally as you design and implement your modern technology-savvy health strategy.


Managing Finances is not an easy feat. ASD Cybersecurity Solutions Financial Service leverages enterprise know-hows to provide insights, solutions and outcomes you need to succeed in this endeavor. We leverage PCI DSS requirements to manage risks within your IT system so you can focus on growing your portfolio.


We have and continue to explore new IT challenges with our government clients. We dare our team of IT Experts to be innovative, explore unchartered territories to deliver unmatched technologies to our government clients to make our nation the top amongst all nations. We welcome the challenges and the opportunities to be great that these challenges bring us. We stand besides our government clients to help explore the complexities of business and technology, delivering solutions and real results that matter most.


IT is fast growing and it is becoming an integral aspect of all our processes. ASD Cybersecurity Solutions assists organizations whether they are in oil, gas, coal, or clean air industry - in replacing their aging infrastructure with a new and modernized infrastructure that is scalable.


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Whether you need a dependable consultant to secure your business IT infrastructure, you are looking for IT services that makes sense, or you are looking to hire qualified talents for your organization, we got you covered. Reach out to us. Let's implement change together.

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